Advancing Human Security and Community Resilience

Opening Remarks by Desmond Kuek, Chief Executive Officer, Temasek Trust

15 November 2021

Five trajectories to steer a positive future

There are five trajectories to keep in mind in the face of challenges – climate change, loss of biodiversity, populations that are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives, the likelihood of the next pandemic, and various factors disrupting civilisation and humanity. Temasek Trust has established four key pillars — planet, people, peace, and progress — to address these trajectories and steer towards a more positive and sustainable future.

Partnerships for Greater Good

Beyond the 4 pillars, the 5th ‘P’ – Partnerships underscores all of PAA’s philanthropic work. Collaboration across all four pillars is crucial to forging stronger partnerships, because progress cannot be accomplished in isolation. It is only through partnerships, that the problem of the commons can be addressed in our interconnected world. The world is at a critical juncture where challenging decisions must be made, and there is a necessity for a broader systems-view, integrated multi-disciplinary approaches, and synchronised lines of actions by all stakeholders to address shared problems.

Building better for every generation

The PAA will harness the collective strengths of its global member core to Accelerate, Scale, Innovate with an Asian focus. Four new enablers were outlined. First, building capacity and competency with the seeding of the establishment of a new Asia Centre for Changemakers. This is a learning laboratory for philanthropists, advisors and managers, social entrepreneurs and community partners who want to nurture the talent pool, raise their professional competency and share resources to bring game-changing solutions to life. Second, building systems and knowledge for innovation. PAA aims to build a shared global and regional knowledge hub and network of research institutions that can power up new innovation. Third, building momentum in solutioning to help impact startups overcome issues with lack of funding and operational or commercial experience. PAA with the Centre for Impact Investing & Practices will be launching an Amplifier programme to incubate and support impact innovators. Fourth, building the infrastructure for an impact marketplace. Co-Axis (collaborative action to accelerate impact and sustainability) will be set up to serve as a catalytic capital marketplace to connect projects with funders who share the commitment to making impact.