Advancing Human Security and Community Resilience

Focus Area: Inclusive Education
Unlocking Potential: Early Years Childhood Development

15 November 2021

State of Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development (ECD) focuses on the first 1000 days of a child’s life (from 0 to 3 years old). During this time, the baby’s brain is developing, making the first few years of a child’s development critical to overall success across language and literacy development, problem solving skills and even social interactions. Although the importance of ECD is significant, there are still very differing levels of commitment and investment in the space in the region. Common challenge faced is the lack of implementation of systemic governance and policies, at both national and local levels.

Providing Holistic Early Childhood Education in the Region

COVID-19 pandemic also meant that many young children are missing out on early learning and development opportunities. This increases the risk of loss to over USD$1.5 trillion globally. To unlock the potential, Tanoto Foundation is focused on the development of children from 0 to 3 years old – an age group often with little attention. It will look to expand its regional ECD landscaping and localised as well as contextualised ECD model that is based on the Nurturing Care Framework, with partners in target countries across Southeast Asia and the larger Asian region.

Collaboration to Scale and Expand Outreach

Due to the varying standards and lack of resources to scale a holistic ECD programme, establishing a collaborative network of philanthropic organisations across Southeast Asia and the larger Asian region would be valuable. It allows for philanthropists to provide the necessary capital in an otherwise under-served and under-invested area. Philanthropic capital can scale the ECD programme and expand the outreach to more young children, particularly in countries where public and private resources may be insufficient.