Advancing Human Security and Community Resilience

Opening Remarks by Ho Ching, Chairman, Temasek Trust

15 November 2021

Priorities for Philanthropy in Asia

There are four major priorities in the non-profit space: planet, peace, people and progress. Firstly, the planet must be a top priority in the coming decades and beyond especially since climate change will impact the disadvantaged disproportionately. Secondly, peace whether within a society, a country or among nations must be fostered for a better world. The third priority is to enable people to thrive and build connected communities. Lastly, ensuring progress for all is key for a just and inclusive world. To deliver on these priorities, partnerships embracing diversity and new ideas are also required.

Philanthropy Asia Alliance for Stronger Partnerships

Asia can be a force for the greater good. The Philanthropy Asia Alliance is set up to provide a more coordinated and integrated approach to address issues related to the planet, peace, people and progress. The Alliance aims to develop, adapt and seed solutions that are relevant to the diverse context of Asia. It will curate, catalyse and support partnerships for action. In doing so, it will convene, connect and combine the best of Asia and international resources, ideas, and organisations.

Alliance to Deliver Impactful Outcomes

Temasek Trust will work with all Alliance members and partners in the years ahead to deliver impactful outcomes. To respect the focused interests of members, a governance framework will be established. This could consist of separate Councils to guide programme curation, and track programme outcomes and impact measurement. The framework will also support the adaptation of solutions for the varied local conditions or the complexities of multi-lateral efforts, including pilots for innovative approaches