Advancing Human Security and Community Resilience

Welcome Address by Lim Boon Heng, Chairman, Philanthropy Asia Alliance; Chairman, Temasek Holdings

15 November 2021

Launch of the Philanthropy Asia Alliance

The Philanthropy Asia Alliance (PAA), announced last year to address the call for a more systematic and structured approach to catalyse partnerships for action, has grown in strength. Today, the PAA is a global alliance with over 80 members and partners comprising donors, knowledge experts and programme partners from countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. As a collaborative platform, it will synergise and accelerate collective efforts for impact in Asia with the aim to scale good globally.

Leveraging Opportunities for Just and Inclusive Green Transition

The opportunity to drive impact in Asia, with 60% of the global population and 50% of global emissions, is significant. With the region being highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change, Asia’s green transition needs to accelerate in a just and inclusive manner, bringing along the whole community. In addition to its support for global multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as the Giving to Amplify Earth Action, the Alliance will release a climate philanthropy report at COP this year that focuses on the opportunity for public-private-philanthropic partnerships to tackle climate and nature challenges.

A Bias for Action

The Alliance offers 29 calls to action centred around climate and nature, holistic and inclusive education, and global and public health, to catalyse solutions for a more resilient and inclusive world. With a bias for action, the Alliance aims to cross pollinate best practices and insights, leveraging the resources, expertise and networks of every member and partner. New funding models will enable the pooling of resources to be flexible and nimble to address Asia’s challenges.