Temasek Shophouse Conversations: Youth mental health a top priority for Singapore

The pandemic has taken a toll on Singapore’s youth. A new national study has found that about one in three youths here have reported mental health symptoms of sadness, anxiety and loneliness.

On 20 May 2022, some of the best minds in Singapore’s mental health and wellness landscape, including health experts, doctors, academics, and leaders from the public, private and people sectors shared ideas on how to improve the state of youth mental health.

Across three panel discussions at the hybrid event Temasek Shophouse Conversations - Youth Mental Health: Opportunities And Challenges In A Digital World, they addressed threats to wellbeing, weighed in on the pressures of social media, and shared parental hacks, to more than 600 attendees.

Organised by Temasek Foundation in partnership with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Campus PSY, its panel discussions were:

  1. State of Youth Mental Health and Challenges in Access to and Provision of Interventions
  2. The Digital World – Friend or Foe?
  3. Beyond Awareness: Greater Mental Health Support for Youths

Speaking at the event, Mr Benedict Cheong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Foundation, said such conversations are important to effect change.

“As we continue to dialogue and collaborate, we can work out many more innovative solutions to address the issues that we face collectively — emerging issues such as mental health; enduring issues such as dengue and diabetes; and existential issues like climate change,” said Mr Cheong.

Temasek Shophouse Conversations, launched in 2021, is a series of hybrid events online and off, which brings leaders from the public, private and community sectors together to forge multi-sector collaboration. The conversations seek to galvanise and propel communities to take action for the common good in the region and the world with the theme “Do Good Together”.